Jordan at APWireless is beyond hard working; he is driven to achieve and puts 100% of himself into every deal, he catches items dropped by lawyers and agents, he quickly rectifies all issues, and he does so in a friendly and congenial fashion which makes the whole process easy and seamless! Working with Jordan is an absolute pleasure. I would gladly recommend Jordan at APWireless to anyone.

Kind Regards,
Simon Strum

Boronia, VIC, AU

Grant Brix

Jordan has been fantastic to deal with throughout the process of this transaction. With the deal being drawn out, and becoming slightly complex, Jordan ensured all information was provided promptly. He communicated well throughout the entire process.

I’m looking forward to completing our next transaction, and AP Wireless will be my point of call for any future transactions of this nature.

Banyo, QLD

Simon Strum

Over the last 2 years, I have closed two transactions on two of my properties, with Jordan Ungar. I have enjoyed working with Jordan to sell my telecommunication tower leases. He is a professional. He is knowledgeable about telecommunications, finance, property, and valuation. He has allowed me to understand the benefits of selling my Vodafone and Telstra leases, as well as extracting value of telecommunication tower rents, which is not recognized by the banks for borrowing or selling my properties.

I look forward to working with Jordan on the next transaction and recommend anyone who is thinking of selling a telecommunication tower lease to consult with him.

Thank you again, Jordan.

Vaucluse, NSW, Australia

Craig Parsons – Yangebup Storage

Early in the year we were approached by Ricky Creed at APWireless to discuss the purchase of a telecommunication tower we had just acquired.
We had a meeting at my house with my partner and we both found him to be upfront/professional and honest of what could be achieved. A deal was achieved then the long-winded process started to get all the paperwork to be put in place (due to the multiple leases) this took a substantial amount of time. His diligence to keep onto the task was exceptional.
I have no problem with recommending APWireless (Ricky Creed) to any prospective owners/sellers of telecommunication assets in the future.

Yangebup, WA

Alhossain A. Khalafallah

Read More

I am writing this reference in the capacity of CEO/Director of Specialist Medical Care Australia that was established in 2015 as state of art Oncology and Hematology Hospitals in Tasmania.
I am a Professor of Medicine and Hematology, who works in this career for the last 30 years in renowned academic institutions in Germany and Australia and published more than 60 papers in peer-revied medical journals.
I am delighted to testify regarding my recent experience in establishing another Hospital at 101 High Street, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia where I purchased this property, which was already leased to a telecommunications company with the lease end date approaching.
Mr. Ricky Creed from APWireless listened to my plans for the property and analyzed the telecommunications lease thoroughly resulting in an offer I couldn’t refuse. The capital received from selling the rent rights from the telecommunications lease has significantly helped develop my new business premises.
Rick’s insight into this part of the industry is remarkable and worth a lot to anyone who has a telecommunications lease on their land.

Campbell Town, TAS

Michelle Seag

Thank you to Jordan and Peter from APWireless for all the work put into closing out the sale of the Palais Body Corporate telco tower lease. Jordan, your advice based on past experience was invaluable and your patience, professionalism and proactive management of the transaction was very appreciated. I’d happily recommend you and the team to potential clients.

Wynnum, QLD

Dennis James Verri

I was looking for an opportunity to have some financial stability in my retirement. Jordan Ungar, a director of APWireless, has been a very honest and constant advisor.
Throughout the dealings with APWireless, the simplicity and many consultations, I felt confident with Jordans experience, his knowledge and explanation of all the procedures.
Through his company, APWireless, Jordan was able to secure a successful deal for the sale of my lease.
I fully trust Jordan’s knowledge and advise and would not hesitate to recommend Jordan and his company, APWireless, to others in a similar situation, seeking a successful business opportunity.
With pleasure in doing business.

Mossman, QLD


I had the pleasure of working with Petar and the APWireless team on the sale of my telecommunication leases. After being approached by another company we felt that the APWireless offer suited us best given our personal situation.
Petar was great to deal with, he was upfront throughout the entire process and ensured APWireless would meet the time strict timeline we set them.
We would recommend using Petar and the APWireless team. Thank you.

Closeburn, QLD

Brett Schulz

I wanted to thank Petar and the APWireless team for their hard work on the sale of my telecommunication lease. Petar was upfront throughout the process and kept me informed every step of the way.

We had great comfort dealing with APWireless, along with Petar, their lawyer Peter Mendis kept us information and assisted with obtaining the bank consent which we are hopeful will come through soon.

We would recommend APWireless to anyone considering selling their lease.

Wicherina, WA

David, Port Douglas

Just a short note to thank Ricky for all his efforts and assistance in the sale of the leasehold rights to the Owen Street, Port Douglas tower. It was your initial involvement that led to the deal. It was unquestionable a difficult transaction given the 99-year time frame, and your perseverance and attention to detail were exemplary. Without your efforts I doubt we would have reached completion and I would be most happy to recommend you and APWireless in the future. Best wishes for your upcoming endeavors.

Craiglie, QLD

Leah Tsmos

Working with APWireless has been a pleasure. Jordan went to great lengths to provide me with peace of mind and build strong professional relationships. His patience, expert knowledge and experience filled me with confidence to make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Thornbury, VIC

Wayne Kirkhope

Jordan honestly made this deal happen, his honestly from the start combined with his knowledge of the process and options for settlement to give a tax effective sale made the deal even more attractive. He maintained a professional manner throughout the process, and I thank him for his support through the deal.


Greg Howick

From the time Ricky contacted our office to the conclusion of the transaction, the standard of the whole process with Ricky was without question. The efficient manner in which Ricky represented his firm was brilliant and left others in no doubt as to the best way forward for all parties. Our clients were very satisfied with the way they were treated by Ricky and his firm and asked that we acknowledge that high level of involvement.


Max Hartree – Land and Building Solutions

I recently was approached by Ricky at APWireless to discuss the purchase of my telephone tower site. Although initially I was not interested in just selling the lease on the property as I had been previously approached by other companies, Ricky was happy to discuss my requirements and see what could be done to get a deal together.

Dealing with Ricky was very straightforward, easy and professional. Ricky was always contactable, and he did his very best to ensure all parties to the transaction were happy and everything was done in a timely manner. Ricky is a very down to earth and approachable agent for APWireless and I wholeheartedly recommend both Ricky and APWireless to anyone looking for a fair and professional outcome.


Dean Venturato

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I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the manner in which you and APWireless conducted the recent transaction in purchasing the rooftop telecommunication tower. Our pre-marketing research identified APWireless as a leader in the telco sector, and our dealings with you confirmed this to be the case. From the very start through to the end, you demonstrated a “can do” and positive approach to the acquisition that made the process both a pleasant and efficient one for all parties concerned.

A particular stand-out aspect was your consideration of acquiring the long term leasehold interests compared to the outright asset sale that we were marketing. It was an approach we had not considered and a worthwhile exercise to explore. The contractual dealings were also seamless and handled by your team promptly and professionally without issues.

I have no hesitation in recommending APWireless to any prospective owner/seller of telecommunication assets in the future.


Ken and Dorothy Dart

After some years of having a Vodafone tower on our industrial property site in Beenleigh Qld., and after turning down many approaches from various companies wishing to take over the lease, we were contacted finally some months ago by Albert, the representative for APWireless Australia. At the time circumstances had changed a little, Vodafone had renegotiated their lease which resulted in a substantial drop in our income , and other companies were making offers which demanded consideration. At first we turned Albert down but to his credit he kept coming back to us, once he knew our circumstances , and offering us a deal to which we had to give deep consideration . We finally gave him the “go ahead” with the concurrent lease and pages of documents were sent to us from which we had a number of queries. Albert dealt with these very efficiently finally arranging a phone conversation with APWireless legal people in Melbourne. We had several clauses altered in the final draft of the documents which was done efficiently and promptly and to our satisfaction. Mr. Albert was most efficient, courteous, conscientious, always answered our questions and e-mails, and dealing with him was a pleasure.


Jason Bolte – Portland Vic.

This is the 2nd time I have dealt with Ricky from APWireless and there’s nothing wrong to say about him.
Everything Ricky promised, he delivered on and kept in contact weekly with progress updates with our deal.
Highly recommend these guys if you want to sell your tower lease.

Portland West, VIC

Barb H – Bairnsdale Welders

We had the pleasure of working with Petar and the APWireless team on the sale of our telecommunication leases.

We were very happy with how the whole process was handled, Petar and the team keep us informed throughout and went the extra mile to ensure the transaction closed within a timely manner.

After another group failed to honor their obligation, it was a welcomed relief dealing with Petar and the APWireless team. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering selling their lease.

Bairnsdale, VIC

Howard Mills

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In March this year, Mr. Ricky Creed of APWireless negotiated the sale and the purchase of an Optus tower belonging to our superannuation fund.
At the time there were two other companies vying for the sale. Mr. Creed not only achieved one of the highest sale prices in recent times, but it was well in excess of offers made by the other two companies.
Mr. Creed did what he said he would do in every respect. The sale went to contract promptly and efficiently. There was no argument about the terms and conditions, once they had been agreed.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in dealing with Mr. Creed again, and would strongly advise any tower owner who is wishing to sell their asset to speak with this gentleman both first and last.
Mr. Creed had exceptional integrity and delivered a very good outcome for our superfund.

Howard Mills

Alex Clarke

Throughout a complex transaction spanning many months, Jordan Ungar has been an exemplary representative of AP Wireless. Thanks to Jordan’s extraordinary patience and ability to explain difficult concepts simply, we were able to navigate the complex legal and contractual environment and negotiate a deal which met the needs of both parties and resulted in a fantastic business outcome after six months of hard work.

Jordan’s honest approach to problems and business sense in helping build solutions was invaluable throughout this process and I hope to work with Jordan again in future.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like further information.

Alex Clarke

Jeff and Sue Proud

We have recently completed the sale of a Telstra tower lease on our business premises using the services of Jordan Ungar from APWireless.

Having decided to capitalise the value of our Telstra lease we obtained offers from several organisations. Ultimately we decided to proceed with the vastly superior offer provided by APWireless. Throughout the transaction, Jordan provided valuable advice and guidance. He remained in constant communication and was able to refer us to several other professionals to guide us through to a smooth conclusion. We are not only very satisfied with the financial outcomes, but have been impressed by Jordan’s knowledge and professionalism.

We highly recommend APWireless and Jordan Ungar to anyone considering the sale of a telecommunication tower lease.

Jeff and Sue Proud

Peet Ltd

We recently divested a telecommunications tower site through a competitive tender process where Jordan Ungar, representing APWireless was the successful tenderer. Jordan acted professionally, with a high level of integrity and patience throughout the transaction despite the numerous delays caused by Peet Limited’s internal approval processes. I would without hesitation deal with Jordan on future transactions.

Kim Munro

Promenade Car Parks Developments Pty Ltd

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This letter is in reference to my dealings with Ricky Creed and the sale of my lease agreement with Vodafone to APWireless Investments Australia Pty Ltd.
Ricky first contacted me several years ago to ask if I had any interest in selling the lease agreement I had with Vodafone, to which the answer was negative. But I said, never say never. Ricky kept in touch on a regular basis (without annoying me) to ask the same question: if I wanted to sell the lease.
I was also contacted by others, asking if I wished to sell the lease.
Circumstances changed and I let it be know that I would be interested in a sale.
Although I have never met Ricky, I always felt comfortable communicating with him.
I am firm in my belief that Ricky got me the best price on offer, he was factual, honest and a person I felt I could trust as his knowledge and keeping me informed was a key factor in getting the “deal done”.
Whilst I am not familiar with this industry, I would recommend others (in a similar position that I was in) to speak with him for a fair, balanced and honest appraisal of the circumstance.
I am not sorry to have sold the lease, and would do it all again.

Dennis More

Moore Sands Resources Pty Ltd

I would like to thank you Ricky for your help and support through the dealings we have had recently with APWireless. You have been completely transparent and honest with us through the whole process from initial discussions, negotiations, and the finalising of our Lease with APWireless.
Please pass on our contact details to any who may be interested in dealing with APWireless as I have no reservations with recommending Ricky Creed as local representative for APWireless, when it comes to Telco Tower Lease buy out opportunities.
Thank you again so much for your consistent support in assisting us and helping us feel at ease through this process.

Greg Murray

East Coast Gravel Pty Ltd

Rick impressively set out all options available to me just from having telecom leases on the property. When I wanted a lump sum he really delivered. I got much more than I expected and he explained why. I would recommend contacting Rick if you wanted to have a trustworthy person illustrate what you can get out of telecom leases on land. Brilliant.


Ensell Property Management

A note to thank you Rick for a very smooth transaction with quick settlement by APWireless. Your advice and explanation of the process, your fast re of leases, your knowledge of the pressure points of the telco operators who are seeking to reduce lease rentals, and the provision of a firm offer on our lease was outstanding. Notwithstanding the difficulties posed by Covid-19 and the required FIRB approval, you were able to guide the transaction and effortlessly find solutions to providing guidance to myself and APWireless’s lawyers with accuracy and confidence to get the matter settled in quick time. Many thanks for assisting with the lease sale.


Wanda Body Corporate

I write to convey to you that since March this year Rick has been our contact in the negotiations with APWireless in selling our lease of the Vodafone installation on our Gold Coast Property, following earlier contact with Jordan.
Without his advice, experience and assistance I am sure we would not have reached the satisfactory conclusion that has been achieved with his involvement. Under the Covid-19 conditions throughout these dealings we are delighted to have reached settlement.
On several occasions when I contacted Rick out of business hours and apologized for doing so he assured me it was of no consequence and that he was only too keen to assist us.
Within our Body Corporate we appreciated Rick entered into a four-way phone conversation with three of our Committee. This one event helped to clear up points that were necessary for us to proceed.
I conclude by stating that we have developed a close businesslike yet personal relationship with Rick. On behalf of our Wanda Body Corporate Unit Owners I extend our best wishes for his future endeavors.


SAA Dairy Trust

We have recently finalised a transaction with APW & found them to be very professional & diligent in all respects, even with many complications arising . I would highly recommend APW to anyone considering dealing in this field with no hesitation, if/when any future opportunities become available, to connect once again.


Trevor Powell

It gives me great pleasure to provide this recommendation on behalf of Jordan.

We have recently negotiated the sale of a telecommunications tower lease on a property in Queensland through Jordan and APWireless. Jordan first approached us some four years ago on behalf of APWireless, a US-based company specialising in the aggregation of telecoms sites. He provided us a quotation for the purchase price and although the initial offer was attractive, we chose not to proceed with the sale at that time. Nonetheless and to his absolute credit, Jordan continued to maintain contact over the intervening time and we found the final offer made by Jordan on behalf of APWireless, to be compelling.

Jordan has always been exceptionally positive, professional, enthusiastic and easy to deal with in all approaches. Above all, he has managed to retain and build a relationship over time, that didn’t feel “pushy”, until the time when our circumstances changed and it was appropriate to proceed with the sale. The transaction was equally professional, streamlined, fast and managed with an absolute minimum of fuss. Jordan is a very uncommon man, and as a consequence of this experience we have chosen to work together in other areas of interest.

It has been a great pleasure to work with him, and I wish him the very best for his future.


Greg Myers

In December 2019, I sold my Optus tower lease. I completed the deal with Jordan from APWireless who was very helpful throughout the transaction. He kept me informed through the legal process and communicated with me to clarify items that were raised by the lawyers. I found Jordan to be very professional and thank him for his guidance throughout the sale. I would highly recommend APWireless to everyone.


Martin Dempsey

Where the parties to complex negotiations about technical matters are known to part company with prejudice, the need to intervene decisively with steps and actions to make the difference cannot and should not be under-estimated.

John Sobieray

The clubs decision to sell our Optus Tower Lease to APWireless, was a positive move forward in that the immediate cash flow injection, allows us to fund improvements to the club infrastructure for the benefit of our members.
The actual process in dealing with APWireless was relatively painless, the only downside were the legal fees associated with the lease transfer, and these ended up being quite high.
We would however, recommend that any company or club consider this option to assist with cash flow or the purchase of equipment.


Greg Henderson

Jordan, John and the team at APWireless were very helpful throughout the whole process of the sale of my telecom lease. They were very upfront with timeframes and options to maximise the benefit to me. I had some concerns that were answered promptly and in most cases ended up in my favour. The settlement was fast and I was kept up to date at every step. Highly recommended if you are contemplating a sale and going with the team at APWireless.


Richard and Kym Goodwin

We were approached by John from APWireless offering an option to sell our Telstra tower lease for an upfront cash offer and our initial reaction was not likely, however, lets have a look at a proposal prior to making a decision.
The initial proposal did gain our attention enough so as to enter a negotiation, it required a little work and gave us an option to consider, we had been considering an investment property and believe an asset in our name with no termination language was a better choice than the Telstra mobile phone tower. John was fantastic and quickly agreed to our requests and our deal was completed, there were no surprises and the funds transfer was smooth and speedy as John had suggested. We are now looking for our investment property and ideally it too will have a mobile phone tower on it so we can complete another lease sale.


Ray Clarke

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you for all your help in the sale of the communication tower on my property at Logan Reserve. Throughout the whole process from start to finish, I found you to be easy to contact, honest and true to your word. In what seemed to be a complicated sale, you made things simple.


Lindsay Ingram

In December 2018, we sold our rooftop lease to APWireless. John from APWireless handled the negotiations. He was very efficient and helpful with regular updates as the sale proceeded. The transaction was straight forward and the legal side went smoothly. I would recommend APWireless to anyone thinking of selling their roof top lease.


Greg Cook

I started discussing the sale of my telecom tower leases with Jordan in November 2018 and we closed the deal in December 2018. At first I was hesitant but after liaising with Jordan I was able to understand the benefits of the transaction but more importantly the future risks associated with the tower rental income which were not aware to me before our discussions. Jordan provided the necessary information for me to make a decision but gave me the facts so I could make the right decision with regard to the specific circumstances of my property, the carriers network requirements and the future of tower rents. I have placed the proceeds of the sale into my superannuation and will now earn a higher return. I just want to thank Jordan for his professionalism and facilitating the transaction by getting all the parties together to close before Christmas. If you are thinking about selling your telecom leases I recommend discussing a deal with Jordan. He was a pleasure to deal with and took the complexities away from us by making the interface between all parties and more so the solicitors seamless and easy to work with.


Colin Lindsay

Thank you for all your for your help and support in the process of assigning the income stream from my Telstra tower. The deposit was made a few days before xmas , so a nice little present. I have had 2 other approaches, that were similar pricing but yours was better and you certainly made the process easier both with easy access to you for the little queries I had and the straightforward paperwork so I didn’t use a lawyer. Thank you again for your help.


Robin James

I have just completed signing the agreement between APW and Sirencester Pty Ltd and would like to thank you for the smooth and professional way the deal has gone. Over the months that we have been communicating it has been valuable for me to talk to someone so knowledgeable about this field of telecommunication. Many thanks and best wishes for Christmas.


Furio Rossi

Rick originally contacted me in 2015 regarding a telecom lease on my property and kept me regularly updated with news in the industry. I decided to sell the future revenue from the Telecom lease for a large payment this year and to reinvest the capital back into the business. Rick was thoroughly professional throughout the process and a proven expert in his field. Would highly recommend his service to other businesses with telecom leases on their property.


Kevin & Marlane Brady

We wish to advise Jordan could not have been more helpful in the preparation & finalization of the transaction. We found Jordan to be very professional and a pleasure to have dealings with. APWireless is very fortunate to employ such a dedicated person. We wish Jordan many more successful closures throughout his professional career.


Mark Roberts

The proposal for the sale of my Telstra tower lease from John Buntine at APWireless immediately gained my attention. John was flexible with my initial requests and the agreement was negotiated quickly. The lump sum of money was used on our family home and this is far more important than the annual tower rent and a superior option in the long-term with interest saved on the mortgage and the additional value of my property now. The funding went as planned by John, it was smooth and speedy with no surprises and I would do it again if lucky enough to purchase another property with a mobile phone tower on it. I would recommend considering the written offer prior to making a decision, best case is agreement, worst case is a valuation and perhaps something for a later date.

Mark Roberts

TAP Agriculture

On land that we own, we have two communication towers located in Northern Tasmania. Since 2013, we have been approached by at least 2 telecom infrastructure lease investment firms to acquire the lease of these towers. Originally, I had no interest in doing any deals. However, in June 2017, being approached by Ricky Creed, I decided to take this proposal to our board of directors and from that point we formed a strong working relationship. In the months following, we were also contacted by a rival company, but their value was close but slightly under APWireless and Ricky’s relationship was key to continuing the process with APWireless.
Our deal took a while to complete, due to a number of factors, and once the documents were signed, the funds were transmitted without delay or issue. I’d like to thank Ricky for his patience perseverance and friendly manner in which he negotiated and conducted himself.

David Skipper

Colleen & Bob Mudge

Thank you for the way you guided us in the dealings with APWireless. We can recommend you and wish you all the very best for the future.

Colleen & Bob Mudge

Phillip Potts

The success of our recent transaction with APW was achieved, in the main, due to the exemplary professional conduct, personal skills and capacity for empathetic engagement of your representative, Ricky, throughout quite protracted negotiations.
Two of your competitors were also tenaciously pursuing the sale and my awarding of the contract to APW was solely due to Ricky’s professionalism, and his genuinely warm and client-focused conduct throughout the extended negotiation.

Phillip Potts

Bronwen Shelley

I was approached by John from APWireless with a proposal for the assignment of my Telstra mobile phone tower lease. The initial offer was enough to gain my interest and was more attractive to me than the annual tower rent. After negotiation, agreement of terms was reached quickly and the funds transfer went as planned. The process was smooth, John was very easy to deal with and it has worked out very well for me.

Bronwen Shelley

Paul M

My experience with APWireless was made personal thanks to my one on one dealings with Ricky as a result of his attention to detail and impeccable ongoing communication. The process was easy as a direct result of his professionalism, and conduct. I cannot thank him enough.

Paul M

Derek Dean

Ricky was an absolute gem to deal with, he delivered exactly what he promised on time with no strings or problems, in this day and age it was a pleasure doing business with him, I would highly recommend him and AP Wireless. Thank you again.

Derek Dean

Peter Wayne

The service was patient, professional, dedicated and once the deal was done it was completed quickly. Mr Ungar really made the deal happen. I was busy, lacked understanding and was suspicious of the long term problems and the benefit of the deal generally. He convinced me where others had tried and failed. Once he had secured the deal working with your US and Australian legal teams was practical pleasant and to our mutual benefit.

Peter Wayne

Tony Whibley

APWireless were great to deal with, they explained the structure and process in a very easy to understand way. They were very good with responding to any questions and kept us up date to whole way along. The legal side of things was very straight forward and pain free.

Tony Whibley

Tanya Galway-Nix

From the very first phone call with APWireless they explained the company, what they do, what they could offer and most of all very professional and personalised contact and delivered exactly what they said they could. I had dealings with other companies and they did not have the same professionalism as APWireless. Deciding to go with APWireless has had a great impact on our lives, allowing us to invest our money into more property for our future. I would highly recommend APWireless to everyone.

Tanya Galway-Nix

Able Packaging

I just want say thank you to APWireless and Ricky for your process in settling our Telstra tower at Mt Barker, South Australia. We finish talking to a couple of buyers but we felt comfortable with you and the approach you had. For us it was a little daunting and tough to decide on selling but we are comfortable and pleased with the outcome. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and wish you well in the future.

David Daddow

Hannaford Plumbing

I have a commercial property in South Australia that I have for sale, it also has a Mobile Phone Tower located on it. John, from APWireless, approached me with an offer to purchase the tower lease. It was a fantastic opportunity to consider, it allowed me to split my asset, receive payment immediately and gives me the option to reduce the asking price of the property and still come out better off. It was a wise business decision to consider the proposal, agreement of terms were reach quickly and the funding process was smooth and speedy and as planned.

Trevor Hannaford

Wayne Kennedy

APWireless have offered the best value proposition when given the opportunity to purchase rental rights from our telco towers. Copies of the leases were sent off and together with rental information, which Ricky and I went through in detail in order to determine the best investment offer given his experience in this field.

It then took a few weeks discussing APWirless’ offer with my advisers and Rick. A price was agreed in which both parties were happy with. Rick was professional, courteous and took away any pressure in making this decision whilst being understanding about the changing priorities during cyclone Debbie. I’d recommend getting in contact with Ricky if you want a good deal and a complex situation explained clearly with a bit of humour. All the best, thanks.


Ron Manning

The reason why I chose APWireless is because they provided the best payment structure. All correspondence and phone calls with APWireless were always friendly and informative.

Ron Manning

Sebastien Bonnefoy

I have a large property in country Victoria that has a Telstra mobile phone tower on it, the NBN are in the process of building a second separate tower. I was approached via an onsite visit by John from APWireless, he wished to present an offer for the Telstra lease purchase and mentioned the NBN tower is also of interest once it is completed and transmitting. After supplying John some lease documentation he returned a few days later with a written offer, I felt it required more work and John modified some of the terms to increase the funds on offer.

The revised offer was attractive, I had a great use of the cash, it allowed me to advance many years in front of my mortgage and complete many property improvements that I had been considering. My number one asset has increased greatly in value and taken much pressure off the mortgage. Additionally my Accountant confirm tax incentives to accept the proposal and would recommend other property owners to consider the proposal. I next look forward to the second upfront cash injection for the NBN tower shortly.

Sebastien Bonnefoy

Balaklava Racing Club

I would like to thank Ricky personally and APWireless for the help in the sale of the rights to the Optus Communications Tower located on our property. You were very diligent and conducted the matter in the best possible professional manner. You made all arrangements regarding the contract and the process was very easy and effortless from our point of . Thank you again and I hope we will have the opportunity to do business again in the future.

Doug Hall

Russel Reed

My dealings and experiences with APWireless to date have been professional and prompt. They showed efficient services from the administration of the company at all times.

Russel Reed

Mahony Hotels Pty Ltd

My hotel in Melbourne’s CBD has rooftop antennas that is attached to a Vodafone lease and generates an annual rent payment for the use of my rooftop. John from APWireless called in onsite and suggested a written proposal to consider for the assignment of the Vodafone lease, my first reaction was to consider the offer prior to making a decision. The initial proposal did in fact gain my attention, it required some work however the injection of the upfront funds on offer could be put to great use to generate a new revenue stream via my business operations. John’s ability to negotiate a suitable agreement was fantastic and the flexibility for my requests was impressive, both John and APWireless were quick to respond and a deal was agreed to. The funding process went as planned, I would have no hesitation in recommending other site owners with similar leases in place to consider the proposal and in my line of business may come across similar properties and will immediately be back in touch with John and APWireless.

Evan Mahony

Marie Bordonaro

I approached APWireless on recommendation when another company defaulted on their offer as they were taken over by another company. I dealt with Ricky from the beginning. I felt comfortable dealing with him and we talked about business but also he was interested in my day to day activities and was so sympathetic when my personal life was going through a bad patch. He kept me informed at all stages, and was not pushy. Ricky answered any questions honestly and used language I could understand. The experience was an educational one for me and I am pleased that the transaction went smoothly with no hiccups. I wish to thank everyone involved.

Marie Bordonaro

Forest Rd Investment Pty Ltd

Jordan approached me in June 2016 and by August 2016 I closed a deal. This deal has given me the opportunity to look at an alternative investment which will yield much higher returns and leave me with a tangible asset rather than a lease which can be terminated. With the information provided I concluded that Optus can walk away or reduce the rent on the expiry date which is in a few years. It was an easy decision to make as I weighed the risks against the benefits and I am very happy that I have transferred all the risk to APWireless.

Another factor for my decision was my understanding of the rate of which technology is advancing. With this in mind I decided to complete a deal with APWireless and now have a guaranteed amount of money for an unguaranteed cash flow. Jordan was very helpful and he delivered on all his promises. He drove the deal from inception to closing. He came to see me on numerous occasions to explain in detail the terms, conditions and answer all the questions I had for him. Having worked in the Industry Jordan was very knowledgeable about property and investing which made me comfortable in making my decision as I could justify the reasons with facts.

I want to thank Jordan for the opportunity but more so for his hard work and dedication on arranging all the stakeholders to communicate effectively to come to an agreement and speedy funding. Once again thank you Jordan and APWireless

Harry Haidar

Peter and Amanda

Jordan from APWireless approached me about purchasing the lease rights to the Optus tower on my property located in Northern Territory. From that initial contact Jordan was highly professional. My initial concerns were expelled resulting to an agreement of terms and conditions. The personal advice and guidance from Jordan made the whole transaction very easy to understand and I would personally recommend APWireless to those looking to sell telecom infrastructure leases. Thanks you for the consistent effort during the process.

Peter and Amanda

Wanneroo Golf Club Inc

From the beginning to the end APWireless was excellent. I’d like to thank Jordan, Mike, Annie, Nick, and everyone else that assisted. Cheers.

Mark Jarmyn

Riley and Lyndal Roos

APWireless was no fuss to deal with, no pressure, and we were happy with the result. Rick was great and kept us up to date with what was happening at all times which meant we did not have to worry about anything. Thanks!

Lyndal Roos

Norman and Danny Bazzi

Jordan approached me to negotiate a significant capital sum to acquire the Vodafone and Telstra lease rights on my property in Arncliffe, Sydney. He explained the concept, benefits and facts of these transactions whilst providing a clear understanding of how the arrangements with APWireless are structured. During the process APWireless maintained transparency and co-operation whilst providing prompt explanations to the legal questions I raised.

I am very grateful for the work Jordan put into the deal and I am looking forward to using the money to outperform the current leasing arrangements by purchasing an alternative investment. More importantly I am grateful to have been offered this opportunity as I now have a sum of money that is guaranteed in exchange for an unguaranteed lease agreement. I have now transferred my future risk to APWireless whilst being presented with an opportunity to yield higher returns on an alternative investment.

I thank Jordan for his honesty and impartial recommendations and I would recommend landowners with telecom leases to negotiate a deal with him so they can better understand the unique opportunity available to them. Overall my dealings with Jordan were fantastic and I look forward to dealing with APWireless in the future. Once again Thank you.

Danny Bazzi

Karl Reiter B.Bus JP

I was approached by Jordan from APWireless regarding the potential purchase of our NBN tower lease at my property in the NSW Mid North Coast. The interest From APWireless to purchase the lease came at an opportune time for me whilst I was considering the purchase of an investment property in the rapid growth area of Sydney. Once a decision was made the negotiations were conducted professionally, the final offer was delivered within the agreed time scale and the transaction proceeded smoothly to conclusion of the legals. Jordan’s persistence chasing solicitors, bank consent and other stakeholders in the process was second to none and I thank him for his hard work and constant dedication to closing the deal. Jordan’s advice and regular updates through the process kept me comfortable with the transition and gave me trust to sign the final agreements. It was a pleasure dealing with APWireless, they were both efficient and professional from start to finish. Thank you Jordan and APWireless.

Karl Reiter

Medalfield Pty. Ltd.

After consideration we made the business decision to take the deal offered by APWireless with regards to the tower on our property. We are a family business and during the negotiation process my Father was ill with cancer. The staff were very respectful of our circumstances even though the process was dragged out over a year. If it was not for the care and respect shown towards our family during this time we would never had made the deal. They were very easy to deal with and made every effort to make the process as simple as possible. I would recommend them to anyone interested in their options with regards to telecommunication towers on their property.

Dan Hannagan, General Manager

Darcy Robinson

My business obtained a significant benefit from the capital sum APWireless offered for my Telstra lease which was expiring in 2019. I had been approached by APWireless in 2012 by the previous leasing executive so I knew about them. However, it wasn’t until Ricky approached me in June 2015 with an investment proposal put together by him and Nick that I really gave proper consideration to what was being offered.

The details and concepts of the transaction were explained in detail and in a clear and understandable way. APWireless maintained transparency and co-operation throughout. Once the transaction was agreed, solicitors were appointed and the documentation drawn up. I thank Ricky for his honesty and impartial recommendations. He remained very helpful throughout what was a very quick and easy process. I can definitely recommend talking to APWireless and Ricky to identify exact opportunities from Telecom leases.

Darcy Robinson

Precision Metals Queanbeyan Pty. Ltd.

In December 2015 I closed a deal with APWireless Australia. Jordan called me a few months prior and advised me what they do and simply put I was interested and could see an opportunity to use the money and outperform the Optus arrangements on my rooftop.

I was very happy with the way Jordan advised me how and why these transactions take place. His experience in the telecommunication industry and understanding of the market place allowed me to make an informed decision to proceed with APWireless and most importantly to understand the benefits of this type of transaction.

The APWireless process and people were easy to deal with. I recommend their services to other landlords who have telecommunication leases on their properties. Jordan was very cooperative and answered all the questions I needed clarified to sign the final agreement.

Thank you for the opportunity; it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

Bob Campbell, Managing Director

The Australian Workers’ Union

The building, to which I am the Landlord, has had mobile transmitters on the roof (Vodafone & Optus) since 2000. The first phone call I received from APWireless, was met with scepticism and my reply was “not interested.

Over the coming months, I started to build, a relationship with APWireless over the phone, to the point that I was confident to negotiate an outcome that satisfied me and my Executive. The contract was signed in 2013. We recently had an administrative matter to close off and were happy with the quick and friendly manner in which this was completed with Ricky Creed.

Richard Downie, Secretary

Barnwell Park Golf Club

Our Golf club was in need of funds for capital works, cash flow, and the security that comes with adequate cash reserves. We had heard about APWireless via the previous board who had entertained the idea of taking prepayment on our lease to a telco who had equipment on our roof. We read over the old proposal and called Ricky. We booked a meeting at our club discuss soon after. The details and concepts of the transaction were explained in detail, and we soon understood NPV’s and opportunity cost and other industry terms.

The product was transparent and after a bit of haggling we soon agreed to go ahead. Settling the transaction was swift and simple even with the changes we requested. We felt Ricky with his personal approach was very informative and refreshingly honest. So if you are looking into this type of transaction, we can definitely recommend talking to APWireless and Ricky.

Grant Marshall, Club Manager

Nick Thomopoulos

End of 2013 I received a call from APWireless indicating that they may be interested in going in to partnership with a tower I own. Having dealt with door to door salesmen my scepticism was to the forefront of my mind however I was willing to listen. A meeting was arranged with John at a convenient location.

After listening to John I was still not convinced that APWireless my scepticism was somewhat watered down. APWireless allowed me time to digest what it was offering and we reconvened some time later. An agreement was made with John and APWireless hierarchy not long after and was most pleased that it all went as promised. All transactions were smooth and painless, which was an experience and a half in today’s bureaucratic world. We are now, in my eyes, business partners in this venture and am pleased to see that APWireless has the same opinion.

To John, Ricky and Nick thank you.


Nick Thomopoulos

Miami Motors PTY LTD

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of my principal, but also on my own behalf I wanted to extend thanks and appreciation for the attention to detail and ease of the above referred transaction.

In what is clearly a burgeoning industry, where perhaps new frontiers are being forged, it was quickly evident in our dealings with Tony and his team, that APWireless were, not only the standout industry leaders but realistically the only option for a transaction of integrity, simplicity, honesty and commercial peace of mind.

We can say that, having interacted with perhaps those that claim to be industry players, all of whom sought to acquire an interest in our multiple cell tower interest, there is to our experienced mind and intuition only one company with whom to deal.

Tony’s word is his bond. Unlike other acquisition representatives, what he said he delivered upon to the letter. His attention to detail and constant contract with our office, stood shoulders above the inconsistent contact, dealings and representations of the other bidders and their representatives. Tony’s conduct was a beacon of integrity in what essentially was an experience with others of misrepresentation, inconsistency and unreliability.

From a commercial, legal and transactional nature, APWireless are to our mind the standout. Whereas other players require complicated structures fraught with questionable legalisms, dubious securitization and over reaching struggles devoid of commercial reasonableness, APWireless’ formula and means of agreement is not just superior but fair.

Any party fortunate enough to receive a favorable offer from APWireless will find the transactional experience dealing with Tony and his team, refreshingly simple, comfortable and honest. Without hesitation, qualification or exception from start to finish APWireless proved to this firm and out principal why they are considered the industry leaders and the preferred purchaser of such a valuable asset.

I am more than happy to provide a further detailed account of our experience for any party investigating APWireless and others’ offers to acquire their cell tower asset. I will ultimately explain with overwhelming certainty and conviction that APWireless was the only logically, commercially and legally astute decision.

Best Regards

Michael D. Yarwood – Principal, My Management

Louise Cain

When Tony from APWireless Australia approached me in 2012, I had no idea there was a company that would be interested in purchasing my leases on the tower I had on my property. I had at the time three carriers.

I was at first very apprehensive of the whole process and felt a bit overwhelmed. After many conversations with Tony, and a bit of reading and research on my part, he was able to put my mind at ease, where I agree to proceed with the sale of my leases.

A Contract was drawn up, and improvements made to suit my circumstances. One of the main reasons for me selling was at the time I had recently lost my partner and was looking to secure finance for myself and my 3 children.

The financial advantages were great since I had the flexibility to either obtain the money now, in one lump sum, or in four instalments over time.

The other reason was that there was no guarantee that any of the carriers would be there down the track. And as it has turned out, within 8 months of me signing and receiving my first 2 instalments, two of the carriers have withdrawn their leases.

Big win for me because if I had decided not to sell, I would now have no income coming in from the leases.

As Tony explained, APWireless Australia took the risk that this could happen down the track but they will honour the final 2 payments, regardless of the early termination of leases.

Over all my dealing with Tony and his team were very professional, his kind manner and respectfulness to me throughout the process was great. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who has mobile towers etc. on their property.

It has been a financial pleasure dealing with APWireless.


Louise Cain

J. Stuart Wilson

John approached me about APWireless acquiring the rights of our Telstra Tower for a period of time for a fixed fee and a future profit share agreement. We think we negotiated a good outcome. John was very helpful keeping us informed throughout the process from signing thru to settlement. I have to say the process was made very easy by John.

J. Stuart Wilson – Baxter Tavern


APWireless and John have been wonderful to deal with being informative, helpful, open and honest. John approached me last year with a wonderful financial offer. I was at the point of despair, since I had struggled financially for nearly 7 years after having lost my professional job in a Work Cover accident and then getting no payout, so this offer was a Godsend at the most opportune moment. The APWireless team and John have been professional and a pleasure to do business with and I am happy to recommend them to anyone interested in their business proposals.


Lorraine Wilson

I received a visit by John from APWireless in relation to the Optus mobile phone tower located on my property with an offer to buy the annual rent generated by the tower.

I had no idea any company would make an offer like this and John explained the proposal would give me a great option to consider and I was not under any obligation, so agreed to have a look at it.

The proposal gave me the option to monetize the annual rent cheque for an upfront cash offer and appealing enough to sit with my Accountant to further discuss. I discovered further incentives with taxation, flexibility to sell my property if required and if it could be structured to my requests, a deal was likely to proceed.

Additional terms of the APWireless Proposal was the Marketing & Development of the tower by locating new tenants to the tower and rent increases with Optus.

Both John and APWireless proved to be very flexible to close the deal structured around my Accountants requests and I recommend other Site Owners with a Mobile Phone Base Station to look at the Proposal as I was very happy to proceed with it.

At the end of the day I have replaced the annual income from the Optus Tower via my own personal circumstances and I control my new revenue stream, further upside will be new revenue with additional Tenant rent as APWireless work on their Return on Investment and for me it was an easy decision to accept the offer.

Lorraine Wilson

Graham & Sandra Turner

We recently negotiated the sale of our telecommunications tower lease to APWireless. Although we had also been approached by another company, after some consideration we chose to accept the deal offered to us by APWireless because their balanced proposal best suited our situation.

Our main point of contact throughout the negotiation was Josh whom we found to be friendly, courteous and obliging. Josh was responsive and sensitive to the numerous questions and concerns we expressed – either directly to him or through our legal representative – communicating promptly with us via phone or email. Josh went to some lengths to reassure us that the verbal commitment he initially made on APWireless’ behalf would be adhered to at contract and indeed any amendments we requested to fulfil this pledge were accepted without argument.

In our experience APWireless and particularly Joshua treated us with integrity and courtesy and our dealings with them to date have been rewarding and positive.

Graham & Sandra Turner

Jan Dower

When we were first approached by APWireless we were quite skeptical but we decided to at least check out their offer. I must say we were pleasantly surprised by the offer and our accountant had no hesitation to recommend we take it.

One of the compelling factors for us was that it frees us up to sell the property whenever we want to without having to worry about the rental we would otherwise be walking away from because the money would already be in our pockets.
The whole process was handled efficiently and professionally by APWireless. We found John very easy to work with and genuine in his explanations and the payment came through quite quickly. We would recommend APWireless to anyone with mobile towers or antennas on their property.

Jan Dower

Turfboer Earthworks

APWireless Australia approached us in 2012 with an interest in purchasing our asset. Unfortunately due to a death in our family, we were not ready to consider their proposal until early 2013. During this time, John remained very patient and professional at all times.
The offer met our expectations and APWireless were very cooperative and agreed to our arrangement of delaying the sale until July 2013, for the new financial year, to meet our own financial reasons.

The contracts were drafted and APWireless were once again cooperative and agreed to minor amendments. Overall there were no complications and payment was funded on the agreed date.

The process was really easy and we would definitely recommend APWireless to others that may be contemplating selling their assets to them.

Thank you to John for your friendly assistance; it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

All the best!

Kind regards,
Wayne & Michelle Turfboer

Yin Yijian

I was approached by APWireless representative John and asked if I would be interested in a proposal to sell the rent generated by the Telstra mobile phone tower located on my property.

My initial reaction was not likely but decided to look at an offer first prior to making any decision.

I was surprised by the offer, certainly did gain my attention, enough to give it great thought and to sit down with my advisors.

I was very impressed with the negotiation and flexibility APWireless had from the original offer to the final offer that I signed that was structured to my requests.

Initially I did not have any intention to sell this free money Telstra were sending every year but the APWireless funds I received have put to great use for me personally.

I have no hesitation to recommend both APWireless and John to any other potential client as both were absolutely sensational to deal with.

Yin Yijian – Melcorp Distributor

Sentinel Property Group

Everyone at APWireless has been great to deal with and I look forward to doing further transactions on the balance of our properties in the future.


Stacey Ebert
Legal Counsel

Gabbett Machinery Pty Ltd

I was very impressed with the way your company handled the complete transaction and in particular the way I was kept informed at every step. At no stage did I have to chase you for information and I found that very refreshing. If either Christie or Jesse wish to use me as a reference in future please feel free to do so.

Kind Regards,

Barry Gabbett

Generate Group Pty Ltd

I just wanted to recap the recent involvement of APWireless with our company.

On the 11th August 2011 we received an enquiry from Tony and Christie regarding the possible acquisition of our mobile base station leases.

We were initially somewhat sceptical about whether this was a serious proposal or not. However out of curiosity we followed up on the enquiry and were pleasantly surprised to find that APWireless were indeed serious. We exchanged information over a period of several days and by the 6th September 2011; we had signed Terms of Agreement covering the purchase of our existing & future mobile base station leases. We have been amazed at how quickly and effortlessly this transaction has taken place – particularly when you consider this is one of the first transactions APWireless have undertaken in Australia.

Our experience to date with APWireless has been first class – Christie, Tony and Chris have been very professional, helpful & easy to work with and the time differences between our two countries has never inhibited a phone call – regardless of the time & day of the week.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with APWireless.


John Wallace
Managing Director