“…That deal really hit home with regards to what we do for telecoms landlords who want to put themselves in an even better position, long term. “

Ronan L., the Regional Vice President of Europe, presents a compelling customer success story involving a business owner with a storage facility. The business owner collaborated with Ronan and his team to secure a cell tower lease agreement on the property. This strategic move not only provided immediate capital but also opened the doors to larger long-term opportunities for the storage facility owner. The case study highlights the innovative and flexible solutions that Ronan and his team are capable of delivering, underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction and success.

“I couldn’t hold back my tears. His words of thanks were full of emotion. He mentioned that he himself did not believe that he could finally save his business.”

Carlos S., the Director of Operations at APW Spain, shares how the client utilized the funds to settle their mortgage. The video highlights APW Spain’s commitment to providing inventive solutions and their capacity to adjust to tough situations to address the unique requirements of their clients.

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“…We helped a landlord open up a Scuba Diving school once, we also helped another to build a house which they rented out and he didn’t know he could tap on the income from his tower and have an additional steady income…”

Jose V., Country Leader – North America & Australia, shares how two clients used the funds to open a scuba diving school and build a property to rent out, generating additional steady income.

“There was a particular case in Brazil, a landlord needed assets to refurbish and to buy new equipment, it’s very satisfying to be in a position to help them transform from a very poor situation, into a medical center where they now have new facilities…”

Eduardo L., Senior Vice President of Acquisition & Business Development – Europe, provides an overview of a particular landlord case in Brazil where funding was used to build a medical center.

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